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Relapse prevention is a major part of any therapy that takes care of the patient or the individual post treatment. Relapse means the habit, addiction, illness or the issue that was treated comes back post treatment if not prevented under a thought out relapse prevention plan.
Kirti | Jul 14 2017 - 5:19pm

Precautions or actions taken to avoid high risks situations.
Rekha | Jul 16 2017 - 1:36pm

There is a tendency to become ill again after one had been getting better, or to return to one's previous character or behaviour after he had been making a change for better. That going back to the previous state/stage has to be prevented, and that is known as Relapse Prevention.
Vinay | Jul 12 2017 - 2:02pm

Relapse prevention is a self control program designed to teach individuals trying to change their behavior how to anticipate and cope with a relapse.
Prerna | Jul 12 2017 - 12:05pm

Substance abusers most of the time, fall prey to relapse, which means after treatment and coming out of their habits, they may get temptation to go back to the negative behavior. Relapse prevention is incorporated in majority of substance abuse treatments as an integrated approach to reduce the “revolving door” phenomenon that prevails in substance abuse conditions.
Sheila | Jul 11 2017 - 10:46pm

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