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Define Bipolar Affective Disorder Google

Bipolar Affective Disorder is the basically a mental illness that makes person to change is way of manner, this also causes mood swings. Its a depression that make a person affected feel happy at one moment and sometimes very sad.
Mrunal | Jul 25 2017 - 10:08pm

The psychological illness that involves severe mood swings in a person is known as Bipolar Affective Disorder. These mood swings in turn bring depression in the person. This is also known as Manic Depression.
Vinay | Jul 31 2017 - 11:17am

A state where the affected person alternatively feels elated and depressed. Bipolar term itself explains the disorder which deals with two major aspects of the emotions or feelings, ( i.e, high on joy and at times extremely low with depression) of a person in an irrational way.
Kirti | Aug 4 2017 - 12:43am

A bipolar disorder is a mental balancing disorders, where the persons moods is uncontrollable. His behavior changes frequently from emotional, stress, mood swings of sad, happy, hyper behavior, sleeplessness and fast pace of activities which is beyond normal behavior.
Sheila | Aug 8 2017 - 12:42am

Illnesse of mind which resuts in severe mood swings either very happy or very depressive.
Rekha | Aug 5 2017 - 10:49pm

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